Have you ever found an old friend on Facebook and asked yourself how on earth is this possible? I sure have. Remember when you used to do things and not update your Twitter about it? I don’t either! However, fear not, I think I have found a video to help you visualize the evolution of social media from its humble beginnings (Friendster anyone?) to present day.

Press play and you will see “that guy”. We all know and love “that guy” but few of us have the courage to be him. Dancing wildly, and poorly, as if acting in a modern-day music video for the Beatles “Fool on the Hill”, he has attracted a lot of gawking from fellow festival -goers, but not much else. However, keep watching and you will see after about a minute that “that guy” is really on to something!

Now go back and imagine your life before social media. If someone came up to you and said you can join a website where you can use 140 characters to tell people what you’re doing any time, or you could post your diary online for everyone to see, you would probably laugh just like you laughed at our dancing friend, “that guy”. But fast-forward to now and we’re like all the dancing fools that have caught on to what “that guy” knew all along. So next time someone tells you their seemingly insane idea, I hope you think of our dear friend “that guy” and start moving your feet to their beat before the rest of the world catches on.

Emma Richards

Assistant Publicist