If you thought that was funny, you should try spending a day at Zapwater. On numerous occasions, the other interns and I have said that this office could very well have it’s own reality TV show, or at the very least, rival “The Office.” Now granted, our boss is much more intelligent than Michael Scott (although they both share a love for a good pair of jeans) and the numerous publicists aren’t nearly as high strung as Dwight Shrute but around here at Zapwater, there is never a dull moment. Between going to some pretty cool events, such as the AKIRA/FORD MODELS fashion walk-off at Crimson Lounge, to dealing with some intensely unique clients, I would have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my internship here this summer.

After interning at T. Rowe Price last year, I had a good idea of what working for a large corporation’s marketing and communications department was like, however, I always wondered what it would be like at the other extreme. Here at Zapwater, we are a small boutique PR firm. With it being so intimate, I have gotten the chance to find out what its like to work on a more personal level with all of my co-workers. The fact that I get to have contact with numerous clients and media as well as attend all of the events we host is truly a great feeling; I can see what my hard work is going towards and even in the short period of time I’ve been here, can see the outcome.

After the AKIRA/FORD MODELS fashion walk-off, Kevin and I were approached by an individual who started to chat up Zapwater. He said that we are quite possibly the coolest PR firm he knew of because we get all of the “cool, chic clients,” such as Crimson Lounge. I knew that I was impressed with our clientele but to have someone on the outside approach me, just an intern, and rave about Zapwater was great! When I’m at Zapwater, I work hard, but it’s nice to know that the office doesn’t shy away from having their share of fun. I always leave the office with something new to tell my friends back home that happened that day and they’re jealous that I’m having such a great experience but also a fabulous time! Whether it’s celebrating a birthday, going to a sneak preview of “The Proposal” or just sitting around getting lunch together, Zapwater has it’s own type of feel that I can’t even describe. And although we don’t usually play pranks on each other like on The Office, (except for a curious incident with a box of matches…), we all know how to have a good time at work. I’ve always believed that if you could find something fun that you love doing, and can make money doing it, you’ve found yourself the perfect job. Zapwater Communications has surpassed my expectations for a summer internship and definitely fulfills my criteria for the ultimate career.

Kristin Dodson