Surprise! My husband and I recently found out that I am pregnant. Of course we are super excited for the new little person to arrive, but our timing could have been a little better. The real estate market bottoming out with the worst economy since the depression might make it a little difficult for us to unload our place. We listed our ‘cozy’ home anyway and have made a thinly veiled attempt to pretend that it’s really a condo and not a kennel. Did I mention we have three dogs (yes, three) and we live in a 900-square foot one bedroom condo?

We have a 75-pound Bulldog, Leonard, and two Chihuahuas, Lola and Daisy. Poor Leonard, he’s just a hot mess slobbering and lumbering around. Lola is geriatric at nearly 18 years of age. She’s almost blind and can barely eat with the couple teeth she has left. She’ll be forced down for a dirt nap in the very near future if it doesn’t happen naturally. And then there’s Daisy. She hops around like a rabbit because she’s got bad knees and uses the bathroom as a cat would…indoors…because she’s afraid to go outside. If I were a prospective buyer and walked into a house with these three, I’d turn around and run the other direction. Wish us luck.

In addition to the worries of selling the dog care facility we currently call home, we’re also nervous of how these three will respond to a new crying baby. Based on their first encounter with small children this past weekend, my guess is not well. Chaos ensued after my friend stopped by with her two little girls. Leonard was overwhelmed with excitement and with a quivering bottom lip was frantically licking them while jumping up and pawing them. Lola tried to bite one of the little girls with her useless remaining tooth. Shockingly, Daisy was the best of the bunch. Shaking with fear, she was the perfect size for a toddler to hold, pet and walk.

What exactly are we going to do with the other two? Hopefully Jamie Damato, animal trainer extraordinaire and owner of AnimalSense Canine Training & Behavior, Inc., will be able to help. We’ll definitely be signing up for the “Bowser and the Baby” seminar at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Mayra Bacik