ZAP Style Notes: Heat Dome Style Tips

Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Unless you had the sense to stay indoors as Chicago’s temperatures skyrocketed in late July, then you might have experienced the heat dome that engulfed most of the country a couple of weeks ago. The thought of even stepping foot outside was an unfavorable one, but sometimes grocery store runs and our many client appointments prove too important to be missed. When the temperature gets practically unbearable, here’s what I do to make sure I don’t look like I’m melting into a blonde, fair-skinned puddle.9

  1. Sunscreen! This cosmetic necessity is an everyday staple in my morning routine. I slather it on during the early hours to make sure my skin isn’t scorched by the sun, leading to a bad sunburn and later skin damage. I love EltaMD UV Clear for my sensitive skin, but there are several options at Block 37's Sephora to choose from.

  2. Light clothing is also a must-do. When temps crawl towards triple digits, I opt for shorts, a breezy sleeveless top and sandals. Black or white are my favorite colors in this heat, not just because I’m not a huge fan of color, but because the dark shades won’t reveal the sweat! Sundresses are also a great idea!

  3. I try to be as minimal as I can with makeup. I’ll rub on a light layer of tinted moisturizer, make sure it contains SPF, dust on some powder, throw on a swipe of water-proof mascara and lather on a hydrating lip balm. I also never leave home without oil-absorbing wipes, Clean & Clear makes great ones, because the last thing you want to do under the dome is pile on more layers of makeup. Instead of continually putting on more powder, I just take a wipe and blot away the shine!

  4. In this heat, I allow my hair to air-dry, and I always carry a ponytail with me. If I’m outside for an extended period of time, my hair will definitely end up off my neck and pulled away from my face. I love It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product; it’s a lightweight conditioning spray meant to combat frizz and prevent hair damage. It seriously works wonders!

  5. Water, water, water. Hydration is the most important thing you can do during the summer when temperatures climb! Water is also incredibly important because it flushes out toxins in your body and gives your skin a refreshed, healthy glow. I love my Swell bottle because it keeps water cold all day. If I’m running errands and am in and out of my sweltering-hot car all day long, I’ll just leave it in the car and the water will remain chilly. It’s perfect for when you’re on the go, and all you want is an ice-cold glass of H2O (didn’t mean to rhyme there!)

Courtney Mocklow, Summer 2016 Intern