Trend #5: Orange You Glad You Wear Orange

Men of Chicago brace yourself, orange will be the hot color for us once spring comes around. Often seen as unpopular or a taboo color, orange will finally get the payoff its deserves once the temperature starts to climb. Featured in many notable collections for Spring 2010 the color added a dash of zest and excitement, whether added to a sophisticated suit or making an already fun jacket a statement piece.

Critics will be silenced when they realize that the color is much more versatile than it appears. While donning an all-orange look would be a little much for the average Divo, adding an orange tie to a suit or pairing your favorite jeans with an orange sweater will be a great way to add this trend to your daily wardrobe.

*note. If you have been by Zapwater's offices, you'll know why an "In" Orange is a big deal.

Michael Corrigan