Trend #6: 2010 is the Year of the Tiger

Get Ready for More Attention Mr. Woods…2010 is the Year of the Tiger

In the wake of all the attention a certain celebrity golfer has been receiving lately, perhaps it shouldn’t be too surprising that 2010 marks the “Year of the Tiger” on the Chinese Zodiac calendar. According to Chinese tradition, the tiger symbolizes a number of admirable qualities, including bravery, stubbornness - and interestingly enough - loyalty.

Instead of saying “I’m sorry” with the purchase of the Kobe special – a ridiculously expensive combination of platinum and diamonds - perhaps Tiger should invest in something wife Elin could really benefit from: a luxurious second home at CA23, an exclusive, new development located in Chicago’s booming West Loop neighborhood.

Featuring more than 4,000 square feet of single floor living space, the CA23 penthouse unit takes up its own floor, so all noise, including music, laughter and even fighting remains private from the ears of nosey neighbors. In addition, the home’s private elevator entrance will help guarantee security from paparazzi, ex-mistresses and all others Elin may want to avoid. Best of all, CA23 is perfectly situated merely blocks from Oprah’s studios, making Dr. Phil therapy sessions more convenient than ever.

In deed, what better place to let all the controversy blow over than in the heart of Windy City? Coming from the Eye of the Tiger, a new home may not be a bad deal, after all.

Sarah Marseille
Senior Publicist