Trend #2: The Hoodie and the Tie

My staff often questions my style choices. See an earlier Blog entry by Holly. However, I am a firm believer that today’s fashion faux pas is tomorrow’s fashion trend. While my sister-in-laws are often amused by my fashion choices, in my heart I know I am a trendsetter.

Last year at a Shean family soiree, I sported a shirt and tie ensemble with my favorite hoodie. I am a big fan of the multi-functional “dress-up” hoodie. After much snickering from the old-men in the Muppets’ balcony (also known as my brother-in-laws), I predicted that they were looking at a future trend.

Let me preface my next statement by saying I know that I am no David Beckham. With that said, we do apparently have similar likes because the global soccer star has been sporting the hoodie and tie look quite a bit lately.

So along with fashion Blog Stylezilla, my trend prediction for 2010 is the very stylish hoodie and tie.

David Zapata