Trend #3 – Couture Snuggies

Ah yes, the blanket with sleeves, such an interesting concept, yet so not fashionable. Until recently, I had been an anti-snuggie advocate (even the free reading light with purchase wasn’t seducing me). The colors, patterns, fabrics, all of it just doesn’t work for me, and while I not technically a newlywed anymore, something about my husband seeing me lounge on the couch in an oversized nap sack just seems wrong.

Recently, with the introduction of college team snuggies, I have started to slightly re-evaluate my position on these notorious eyesores (don’t worry, I already asked for an Ohio State one for Christmas, at least then I can blame my ownership of one as a result of being gifted with one). How does this fit into a trend for 2010 you ask?

I think it is inevitable that someone will be smart enough to create a couture snuggie in 2010. Available in beautiful colors (pastels, golds, silvers) and patterns like cashmere or pashmina (maybe even accents like jewels), a couture snuggie could revolutionize the way people perceive the blanket with sleeves. Maybe even work on the design and have an exposed zipper on the back, incorporate a variety of neckline choices (scoop, v-neck, etc.), the options are truly endless. It is really aggravating when the blanket slips of you and you can’t reach your glass (or bottle) of wine, so hopefully someone will pick up on this untapped market.

Holly Winter

Group Director