For a girl who grew up in Chambana (Champaign-Urbana), the home of the Fighting Illini and then migrated to Badger Country to attend the University of Wisconsin, saying that football is a part of my life would be an understatement. As if I wasn't a big enough football fanatic, I married a college quarterback!

So with all that said, you can imagine how excited I was when, as I was leaving the Chasalla "10 Year Anniversary Party," I heard a rumor that the one and only Donavan McNabb was hanging out at Crimson Lounge! You must understand that Donavan, or Donnie as I like to call him, is my absolute favorite quarterback in the NFL. I have been a faithful fan for many years cheering him on in Philly. That does not sit well when you are constantly surrounded by many devout Chicago Bears fans.When I arrived at Crimson Lounge I spotted him immediately. He was having a great time laughing and partying with a group of friends. A hole had opened in the offensive line, and I saw my opportunity to go in for the quarterback sack! Donavan was such a great sport as I proceeded to give this soon-to-be free agent all the reasons why he should play for the Bears, we will see how good my recruiting skills are!

I always love seeing Samantha Ronson put on a good show at Crimson Lounge, and Lindsay Lohan was quite an exciting surprise, but I will have to say Donavan McNabb really takes the cake for me! Big Ups to you, Donnie, for partying at the coolest Lounge in the Windy City, see you next time!

Allison Pickard Evans
Director of Business Development