Not since John F. and Jackie Kennedy has a political duo come on the scene with such star power it seemed almost unstoppable. Barack and Michelle Obama have literally cast a spell on the American public. From the most liberal democrat to the staunchest conservative, the entire population is studying the Obamas to find out just what it is that makes them so captivating.

Their effortless class, calming vernacular and endless style are likely products of Barack and Michelle Obama – the private couple – but the publicity focus on these attractive qualities is no doubt the result of a brilliant public relations campaign. From loosely rolled sleeves on him to her sleeveless dresses, the Obamas have become an entity with the strength of a well-calculated brand; we can count on them to deliver every time in the areas of speech, dress and approach. These qualities make them approachable but respected in a way that the majority of politicians fail to achieve.

From US Weekly covers to the fist pump heard round the world, the Obama PR camp has doubtlessly been carefully calculating and deliberately emphasizing every public move that makes the Obamas appear relatable. What many in the general public often neglect is that a public relations effort is behind a large portion of what you hear and see every day. The Obama PR machine has succeeded in grabbing the attention of voters of all ages from all walks of life. Only time will tell if this campaign will lead to the emergence of the Obamas–the First Family–and the introduction of the modern day Camelot.

Susan Scheiber