As a complete daddy’s girl (his picture is to the left), I may be slightly biased in saying this, but my dad is a total rock star! From scraped knees and the Girl Scouts “Father Daughter Dance” to driving lessons and broken hearts, my dad is my go-to guy when it comes to just about everything…everything except gift suggestions! Each year when Fathers Day rolls around I am at a total loss as to what to get the man who “doesn’t want anything”. Lucky for me, Zapwater is filled with helpful clients and staff that take the guess work out of Fathers Day gift giving!

Hotel Sax Chicago, located in the chic Marina City, knows the importance of unleashing your inner rock star from time to time. Their Celebrity Rider packages, inspired by rider requests from celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, is a great way to show your dad he rocks. My favorite, the Rat Pack inspired package, is aimed at helping dad experience Frank Sinatra’s kind of town first hand. Featuring a suite with a bar cart and personal bartender, a private steak dinner at Harry Caray’s restaurant for up to nine friends, personal butler service, 24-hour transportation and a boat for dad and his friends to cruise the Chicago river on, this gift will have dad singing your praises.

If your dad is at all like mine, and insists you get him nothing this year, why not grant his wish and make a donation to a charitable cause in his name? Contributing to a local cause, such as a hospital or community group that has touched your dad’s life is a great way to show him you care. The Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center in my family’s hometown of Waterbury, CT is a place that is especially close to my dad’s (and my) heart. The Leever Center is a state of the art cancer treatment facility that wouldn’t have been possible without the generous donations from our community members. And without the Leever Center, many people from Connecticut, including myself, may not have a father to celebrate with this year.

So this Sunday make sure your dad knows that you are his #1 fan. Even if you’re like me and believe that everyday is Fathers Day (trust me, I have the phone bills to prove it), take the time to celebrate everything your dad does. Happy Fathers Day Dad…and sorry again about those gray hairs!

Emma Richards