Whether strolling down Michigan Ave. on a shopping spree, dining with friends al fresco in the city or heading out on a date, a dress is the one frock that promises to flatter and impress. Sisters-in-law Eva and Robyn Anderson and co-owners of le Dress, the first dress-only boutique in Chicago that recently opened in Wicker Park (1741 W. Division), understand the simplicity and sexiness women everywhere crave and have answered our prayers with a store designed to fulfill fashionistas’ closet dreams. Enter, my fashion-filled two week whirlwind with le Dress.

On May 29, I had the unique opportunity to get a behind-the-seams look at what really goes on backstage at a high-energy fashion show. Hundreds ventured down into the city’s hotspot, the Underground, to attend the debut “le Dress and the Windy City” fashion show. At 10:30pm, after a last minute dressing area change, five model mavens hit the runway in le Dress style. The stylish set in attendance drooled for the dresses by Issue, Shoshanna, VaVa, the le Dress private label and more, while backstage dressers worked frantically to make sure every zipper, button, sash and buckle were perfectly placed. It was 20 minutes of pure adrenaline and excitement! Little did I know that less than a week later I would be the next to hit the le Dress catwalk, albeit for a slightly larger viewing audience!

If I ever said that modeling was easy, I take it back! On June 3, while sitting in the green room at WLS-TV, ABC Chicago Channel 7, the nerves were working in overdrive! Donning a “Samantha Jones-esque” little black dress (le Dress label, $65) and sky-high faux snakeskin heels for a “Sex and the City” themed segment which aired yesterday, I hit the bright-lighted runway with fellow co-workers to give viewers samples of the styles they can find at le Dress for under $150.

While I prefer to be behind the camera, I must admit, it was fun to le Dress it up for a day!

Holly Ramsey