You wouldn’t know it was summer in Chicago by the recent weather patterns, however, rainy days mean conference room working (and fashion critiquing) in the Zapwater office.

Last week, while celebrating Susie’s monumental birthday, we dived right into a fashion conversation with Dave at the helm (a reference to boating will come up again later). After pointing out the many ways we describe Dave’s wardrobe choices (shrimp boat captain/deadliest catch ensemble, Sgt. Pepper blazer, madres-gone-wrong button down, etc.), I started to think about my own summer-wear.

While the temps have barely touched 80, it is time to start busting out the summer dresses, sandals and sunglasses. Lucky for me (and all of the other city fashion-lovers) le Dress is hosting a “Pets in Paris Week” (starts this Saturday and runs through 6/27) to benefit PAWS and give four-legged friends a chance at fashion. For one week, shoppers are encouraged to bring in their couture counterparts for sweet Parisian treats and a look at some amazing doggy-dresses. Half of proceeds from the handmade frocks and 10% of purchased le Dress private label dresses will be donated to the local rescue haven. Fido-free shoppers are encouraged as well, it’s the perfect excuse to stock up on summer’s must-have staple item! 1741 W. Division,

Holly Winter

Senior Publicist