When it comes to fashion, men do not typically see drastic changes in trend the way that women do. Men prefer comfort, versatility, and don’t always tread into uncharted waters. Even when designers showcase innovative trends, we see off the rack tends being pretty consistent from year to year.Thankfully the Spring 2012 runway shows featured lots of color, bold prints, mismatched pairings, and variations on fabric. Although I don’t expect to be pairing mesh shorts with a blazer anytime soon I enjoyed seeing some new life breathed into menswear. I may not always be correct with my trend predictions i.e. my man leggings prediction of 2011, but I am confident we will see some great and more innovative menswear items coming our way in 2012.

Personal favorites of mine can be found below. Looking forward to seeing what trends our Zapwater fashion clients take to most when the temperatures begin to warm up! And by warm up in Chicago I mean mid-June. That is one trend I know I will be correct in predicting unfortunately….

5) Vibrant Camo prints Because who still wants to wear classic camo?

4) Olive colored jackets Whether in a flowy overcoats or a tailored military jackets it looks like this generally muted tone will be front and center come Spring.

3) Slurping Turtle prints Pair these jarring prints with a more neutral or conservative color to make them really pop!

2) Orange! I’m all for making orange the new pink for men

1) The Red James Dean Jacket Nothing makes a statement like a statement in red. Cannot get enough of this jacket!

Michael Corrigan Publicist