FITNESS GETS HARDCORE - 2012 TRENDS recently came out with their list of fitness trends for 2012 and it looks like they will have us working out a little harder. They predict that classes will get back to basics with interval training and cycling as opposed to the trendy barre classes that were popping up all over in 2011.

While, I don’t think that barre classes will ever disappear (nor do I want them to – I think they’re amazing!), I do agree with the trends that were predicted. I also noticed that one of Zapwater’s fitness clients, On Your Mark Coaching and Training (OYM) already embody many of the fitness trends pointed out by VitalJuice. Here are some examples:

WORK OUT WHENEVER VitalJuice predicts that gyms will offer more classes throughout the day to accommodate gym goers busy lifestyles. OYM has already added additional classes for the New Year and just opened a child-care center in their Bucktown location.

PUMP IT UP Another prediction is that there will be music themed classes popping up. OYM has a class called ‘Rhythm Ride’ which is a cycling class taught using class participant’s favorite songs.

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING VitalJuice tells readers they will see a surge in functional training classes which happens to be what OYM is known for. Their signature class, F Train (which stands for functional training), leads people through a 45-minute long class consisting of interval style training. It also might be one of the most challenging fitness classes I’ve ever attended so I can see how this extreme training is gaining popularity.

To read’s 2012 predictions please click the link below:

Deanne Karen Account Supervisor