Bon Appetit just released their annual list of what will be hot in all things food and wine for the coming year. After close review, I selected a few predictions that I will personally be backing in 2012. Pasta Basta: As a self-proclaimed carbovore, nothing excites me more than learning about new varieties of pasta. Penne, Cavatelli and Farfalle will forever hold a special place in my heat, but there’s always room for the likes of Paccheri, Garganelli and Trofie.

Beer Cocktails: Craft beer and cocktails were huge in 2011, but next year calls for a marriage of the two. I’m a novice when it comes to beer cocktails so I’m planning to start with the best at Trenchermen. Opening in Wicker Park next March, Trenchermen promises a wildly exciting cocktail menu (thanks to beverage director, Tona Palomino) that includes the likes of “Beer” – stout paired with a raisin infused bourbon and nutmeg. I’ll have another!

Amaranth: You’re probably familiar with amaranth’s sibling, quinoa, and if you like that, you’ll love the grain of the future. Not only is amaranth a complete source of protein, but it’s packed with calcium and protein. I’m anxiously stocking up on recipes, so if you have any, send them my way!

Breakfast Cookies: Sometime after college, I became a breakfast person, possibly because I was finally waking up in time for breakfast, or because I typically go to bed on a belly full of carbs. Either way, my stomach starts growling within an hour of waking up each morning. Best solution I’ve come across? Breakfast cookies! Erin Baker’s Morning Glory is a great way to start each day. With flavors like Double Chocolate Chunk and Carmel Apple, they even make a nice afternoon snack too!

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Mary Doyle Senior Publicist