For most people, the hardest part about blogging is thinking about things to talk about on a regular basis. Between work, family and everything else going on in my life, my mind can barely focus on one topic long enough to form a sentence, let alone several paragraphs of information. Case in point: I had to pause in the middle of writing this blog to answer the phone, respond to a email and answer the phone again. Maybe it would be easier if I had important gossip to spread like Perez Hilton or if I could to share my expertise about some worldly topic a la Anderson Cooper. Unfortunately, I am not a celebrity blogger or a popular journalist.

For people like me, there is really only one social media outlet that seems compatible. Hint: it only requires you to think in 140 characters or less, can be updated from a mobile phone and doesn’t require a lot of substance to remain entertaining.

Twitter allows its users to feel connected and social media savvy by asking one question: What Are You Doing? Users don’t have to be any type of guru or well known. In fact, some of the most popular tweeters could even be considered Average Joes, such as Nathan Fillion (@nathonfillion) and Danny Jones (@dannymcfly), who both top more than 100,000 followers on the Twitter ranking list. With Twitter, not only can you only post links and photos, but you can also interact with other tweeters using just a few words at a time. It’s so easy, I know people that update five, maybe 10 times every day!

Some important Twitter lingo:
Tweet: An actual post (140 characters or less!)
Tweeter: The person writing a tweet
Tweeting: The process of writing a tweet

For those still a little weary, try giving it a shot. Already hooked, check out the Zapwater page: http://www.twitter.com/zapwater.

Looking forward to tweeting with you!