Well, it’s official I have been with Zapwater for a month now and I have seen, done and heard some things I never thought I would. For starters a sushi-eating contest: Just picture people stuffing rolls and rolls of sushi in their pretty much less than two minutes. Ra Sushi held their annual sushi-eating contest last month, complete with three rounds at their restaurant locations throughout Chicagoland, and one championship round at their downtown Chicago store. As an intern I helped at the Lombard and downtown locations, taking names, pictures and….dropping my jaw in amazement. Seeing someone who is actually training to eat for a living might as well be a celebrity as far as I am concerned.

Another first happened last week when I was asked to pick up some ingredients for a cooking segment at ABC 7 News for one of our clients. I ran to Treasure Island -indulging in a few delicious samples along the way - and hopped into a cab to the ABC studios. My typical errand then turned into getting access to watch the live segment in the studio…very exciting and another first.

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This week was a busy one: post event follow ups, delivering, preparing and contacting. So needless to say, my Wednesday was a typical workday until I got asked to do yet another first. Holly came up to me and talked about our clients, Le Dress, which would be filming a segment on WGN next week about Homecoming dresses and trends for students. She mentioned that they needed younger girls to model the dresses for the segment. When she was first started talking, I expected the next question to be, “Do you know anyone who models?” Much to my disbelief she asked if I wanted to be one of the models. What? Extremely flattered and surprised, I of course said yes, what girl doesn’t like to dress up!

Yep, just the whirlwind of my first month at Zapwater…..never a dull moment.

Diana Romeo