Are you eco-friendly or an ECOFIEND?

I’ve always considered myself accidentally eco-friendly. I turn off my lights to save energy and my checking account. I conserve water by not doing my dishes as often as I should. My friends and I swap and reuse everything from electronics to clothes. So as the whole green movement has picked up momentum it has left my peers and I saying a collective “duh”! Well, all except for two anyway…

My dear friends and fellow Columbia College alumni, Asif and Eric, recently launched Ecofiend is a website dedicated to all things green in Chicago and beyond. From sustainable underpants and Apple’s latest gadget, restaurant reviews to DIY projects, Ecofiend is meant to be a forum where new ideas and information can be highlighted and discussed without being shoved down your throat. Asif and Eric put it nicely on the site that they’re “under the impression that a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t be any more of a cause than saving money is a cause or spring cleaning is a cause.”  I couldn’t agree more!

Whether you’re eco-friendly, an Ecofiend, have something to share or just want to learn more about ways you can go green, hit up Ecofiend or their Twitter and Facebook!

Emma Richards
Assistant Publicist