Although I often dedicate my blog entries to clients or crazy vacations with co-workers, today’s entry comes straight from my love of music. From Taylor Swift to the Kings of Leon to Lil Wayne, my favorite artists are pretty diverse. I don’t discriminate! Flatlander, one of my new favorites, debuts tonight at Elbo Room (2871 N. Lincoln) in Chicago. I might be slightly biased because my sister’s boyfriend happens to be the bass guitar player. But I guarantee anyone who comes out for this show won’t be disappointed!Coma Forever, my favorite song and a fan favorite, has the energy of today’s rock radio hits but a unique sound that forms from the blend of four unique instrumental styles and vocals by the band’s Brazilian-born lead singer, Pedro “Greeps” Prosdocimo. Tonight, Prosdocimo, guitarists Andrew Derer and Drew Trilla, bassist Ryan Trembath and drummer Nick Mitchell will take the stage at Elbo Room for their first official gig in Chicago.

Don’t miss the first Chicago performance by these up and coming rock stars! For more information about Flatlander or to hear some of their music, visit their MySpace page here.

Susan Schreiber
Senior Publicist