With nine girls in the Zapwater office, there is no shortage of “girl talk.” Girl talk can range anywhere from clothes to shoes to new CRAZY diet secrets to of course exercise tips. One rainy afternoon, Holly, Annie, Mayra and I were discussing new interesting ways to burn some calories – and then we found The Bar Method.Annie was excited because she was a dancer and thought we were dancing, Holly was down because she thought we were going to a bar, Mayra fired her old gym and was looking for a new workout plan, and I was skeptical. I am not really into all of these new age, hocus pocus, core workouts. Call me old fashioned–or just my father’s daughter–but I am happy with a pair of running shoes and some concrete.

Upon walking into the studio on Belmont and Sheffield, we were greeted by a large wooden structure and told to hang from it for 30 seconds–WHAT??!?! After having a quick laugh we all hung from the stall bar and were ready for long lean thighs and lifted seats! From the very first moment the class began we were going strong. The Bar Method teaches muscle exhaustion followed by muscle stretching in order to sculpt your muscles making them long and lean. Let me tell you, they were not kidding about that muscle exhaustion. My muscles were burning and my legs were shaking uncontrollably the entire hour! I have done a lot of exercising over the years and I have never been as sore in my entire life as I was when I left that class!
For the last 30 days, we have been tucking and wagging four times a week. I was not a believer going in, but I am a changed woman. The Bar Method is one of the hardest things I have ever done! I have a new found respect for “alternative workouts” but I have to say I miss my Nikes–back to the track!

Allison P. Evans
Director of Business Development

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