Lately I have been working a lot with Zapwater client Andy Biggs. Andy is a notable wildlife photographer who specializes in African safari photographs. Each day as I complete tasks for the account, I am exposed to his breathtaking photography of desert landscapes or herds of Zebra and for a minute it feels sort of like I’m not actually sitting behind a desk.

Several times a year, Andy takes groups of avid photographers with him to Africa to hone their photography skills while learning about the continent he is so passionate about. These photographic safari workshops are around 11 days long and take adventurers on a whirlwind tour of some of Africa’s most beautiful natural scenery. Although the schedule for each workshop depends on the location, all workshops include causal lectures and an environment conducive to learning-no matter what your experience level is. After a day in the desert heat, luxury accommodations are provided for travelers (and their camera batteries) to recharge. A vacation that is both educational and relaxing? Sign me up!

Much to the envy of the Zapwater office, our own David Zapata will be traveling to Churchhill, Canada with Andy in November for a photography workshop to photograph polar bears in their native tundra habitat. Stay tuned to the Zapwater blog for more about David’s photo excursion!

Emma Richards