Having blogged about green fashion accessories this past Earth Day about our client Tivi, it’s only natural to talk about another earth-friendly client making a difference today.

Lynn McMahan, better know as Lynn S. Green, is a Chicago philanthropist who embodies the qualities of a passionate green goddess. Lynn not only serves as an expert on living in sustainable style, she is also an esteemed businesswoman and developer.
As the owner and president of Trinity Development, Lynn incorporates a 360 ° green program both in and out of her homes. The small yet significant footprints Trinity leaves on our planet truly fascinates me. Trinity uses local resources whenever possible, in turn reducing transportation and fuel costs and helping to support the local economy. It was also interesting to learn that indigenous trees and plants that are typically cut down or destroyed when making room for a building site are actually replanted and used in final landscaping. Trinity also donates unused construction items to charitable groups, like Habitat for Humanity, instead of filling dumpsters with large quantities of reusable items that eventually end up in our landfills.

From lipsticks to light bulbs, Ms. Green has paved the way for making the longevity of our future possible with her eco-ethics. Currently, Trinity is developing green homes in Cordillera and Vail, Colorado.

With Greenivale coming up next month, eco-friendliness is infiltrating our everyday activities. I learned from Lynn and Trinity Development that the three R’s are more powerful than ever (reuse, recycle and reduce...please).

Cassandra Mazur