If you haven’t heard that I am getting married on October 18th, yes next month, then you must not live in the Chicago DMA. After months of preparation filled with dresses, place-cards, unity candles, cakes, any and all wedding appointments, family interrogations and getting my fiancé into gear, the thing I was looking most forward to was the infamous bachelorette celebration! I wanted something simple, a day by the pool, drinks, sushi and a CRAZY late night out, my goal was to be out until at least 5:30 am, even though a little bird told me nothing good happens after 2 am.

With best friends in from out of town, my closest city friends and the best co-workers (let’s be honest, some of the most genuine and fun people I have ever met), I was ready to make a mark on the Windy City. I found one of the pinkest, tightest and shortest dresses I could wear without being mistaken for the circus, or far worse, and indulged in all things bachelorette. Note: I refused to sport any kind of “traditional” bachelorette wear, no veils, necklaces, beads, headbands, buttons, weird t-shirts or anything of the sort while out in public.

Eighteen lovely ladies joined me as we kicked the night off with sushi, wine and yes, the rumor is true, perfectly prepared Jell-O shots at the restaurant! With sushi bellies a plenty, we headed to the first stop of the night, Bon V, Chicago’s two-floor ultra lounge in the west loop, you can’t help but live the good life when you’re there. We were greeted with champagne bottles and sparklers, bottle service, amazing music and a private space for us to bust our moves and people watch. Around 1 am we headed to stop number two on the Holly train, The Underground. Always a go-to spot for a crowd, we danced, drank and enjoyed delicious desserts tableside, what better way to celebrate then with pop tarts, chocolate and champagne!

By 3 am many had dropped out of the bachelorette race, but there were still five of us ready to go, so naturally, we headed to le Passage for 5 am fun. I will admit it, by that time we were sipping an elegant concoction I like to call water.

We made one last stop at the gyro shop and rolled through the door at 5:15 am, hey it was close to 5:30 am!

Holly Ramsey (soon-to-be Winter)