Did you know that the team at Zapwater has extensive experience in both issues and crisis management for a variety of clients? In fact, our agency won a Bulldog Award for “Best Response to Breaking News.”

Zapwater’s client base is diverse, representing both large and small companies as well as politicians and high-profile individuals. Many of our clients ask us to compile crisis communication strategies which outline precautionary steps for the “just-in-case” scenarios. While Zapwater rarely needs to implement these programs, when a crisis occurs, our agency is ready to take action.

Zapwater is prepared to respond to complex issues including product recalls, business and personal litigation, environmental problems, warranty and product liability claims, labor issues, criminal indictments, and a variety of sensitive political issues. For confidentiality reasons, our crisis clients cannot be named.

But it doesn’t stop there. In today’s complex digital world, Online Reputation Management is a vital component to any program. The team at Zapwater is skilled in managing Online Reputation Management/Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programs. When negative stories appear, a company’s online reputation can be severely impacted. Zapwater knows how to manage your search results.

The moments after a crisis hits are the most important when managing your reputation. Our clients are confident in knowing that Zapwater is ready to step in, manage the crisis, and ensure all press coverage is accurate.

If a crisis should occur in your company, are you confident that you’ll be prepared?