With preferred vendor status at more than 85 Chicago locations, including some of the city’s most well known cultural institutions, Zapwater client Blue Plate is an integral component of the local hospitality industry. The company takes its role as one of the most trusted catering companies in Chicago very seriously, and has recently begun to take existing “green” initiatives to the next level by hiring a full-time sustainability coordinator.

As a part of Chicago’s cultural framework, Blue Plate has the opportunity to affect eco-friendly initiatives at a wide variety of events, as well as promote similar initiatives throughout the city. Thus, Blue Plate is committed to making a positive impact on the environment and taking the appropriate action to further enhance sustainable practices. From seasonal, sustainable and organic menu selections to a complete line of chic, eco-friendly disposable ware for events, Blue Plate is paving the way for other catering and food services companies to go green.

Blue Plate works with venues and clients to promote green practices through recycling programs, responsible sourcing and the donation of leftover product when possible. Blue Plate is currently the only catering company in Chicago that composts, and all unused food is donated to the Pacific Garden Mission.

Now, under the leadership of a sustainability coordinator, Blue Plate is increasing composting efforts, installing water filtration systems to discourage the use of water bottles, and expanding recycling capabilities. At Blue Plate, cooking oil, corks, batteries, electronics, light bulbs, and other materials are recycled whenever possible.

We at Zapwater encourage you to stay tuned to learn more about new green initiatives at Blue Plate. If we all do a little bit to follow the company’s example, Chicago would quickly become a more eco-friendly place to live!