2013 Trend Prediction – Fast Casual Dining Takes a Turn for the Better (Tasting and For You)

As an Account Supervisor in the hospitality practice at Zapwater, I’m fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at the next big trends in food. The last few years we’ve seen a rise in demand for farm to table dining and local and seasonal ingredients. Now, it’s to be expected that our favorite restaurants provide only the freshest, most seasonal dishes.  Come 2013, this will not only continue, but will expand into the fast casual sector in a major way. Full disclosure: I’ve spent the past 8 months working with the amazing LYFE Kitchen. I’ve watched the relatively small brand (one location open in Palo Alto, one set to open February 2013 in Culver City) make huge headlines. Their mission is straightforward: Eat Good. Feel Good. Do Good. Sounds simple, but the amount of care put into deciding each and every detail from the bamboo flooring to sourcing local growers is inspiring.

Americans are more and more conscious of the quality of food we’re consuming not just when dining at high end restaurants, but each and every time we sit down to enjoy a meal. We’ve seen the rapid expansion of Chipotle and our own homegrown favorite, Protein Bar, which proves that this is a country hungry for better for you, delicious food.

I’m not the one with the crystal ball here, Wired Magazine called the LYFE Kitchen “the future.” I’m just here to tell you to look out for great-tasting, good-for-you things in 2013!

Mary Doyle, Account Supervisor