2013 Trend Prediction – The Year of the Yogi

yoga_girl_on_beach_pic Crazy diet trends, pills and workouts are nothing new. We as a society have become obsessed with achieving the perfect (and typically airbrushed) bods we see plastered all over TMZ and US Weekly.  In the past decade we have seen some pretty extreme eating patterns and crazy “sure to make you lose 15 pounds in a day” workout routines. Everything from the South Beach Diet to the no-carb diet to the cabbage soup diet all promise desired, “magical” results.  Exercise endorsements and tapes fly off the shelves as Jenny Craig and others enlist over-paid (and overstuffed) celebrities to go on their programs ensuring the American public that they too can achieve the same dreamy results.

In 2013, I think people will finally open their eyes and realize that there is no magic potion and that health is more about how you feel on the inside rather than how you look on the outside. Skinny people aren’t always healthy and larger people aren’t always lazy or unhealthy. It’s time that we start taking care of our minds and bodies alike as we only get one of each.

Yoga is the answer to improving the mind, body and soul for all ages. Civilizations around the world have been practicing yoga for thousands of years and it has been proven to keep the mind and body strong, connecting the two through calculated movements focused on breath. Regular yoga practice increases brain GABA levels and has been shown to improve mood and anxiety more than some other metabolically matched exercises, as well as offer great improvements in strength and flexibility. In this day and age, we need a healthy release for anger and stress and I foresee more people hitting the mat for a spiritually cleansing yoga session!


Mimi Clark