2013 Trend Prediction: The NEW Reality

Move over Dancing with the Stars, a new reality show phenomenon will be making waves come 2013!  Who wants to see B-list celebrities learning the mambo or fox trot when we can see them doing jackknives and/or belly flops off a 5M platform?  I thought so.  Which is exactly why both ABC and FOX have lined up specials for the New Year that will feature celebrities learning Olympic-style dives, both solo and synchronized.  The era of Diving with the Stars is soon to be officially upon us! Diving, a main attraction during TV coverage of summer Olympics will return to primetime in the US following the format of its Dutch companion Celebrity Splash.  Celebrities will perform dives from dizzying heights, increasing in difficulty each week, including backflips, somersaults and other gymnastic feats. The new shows will air on FOX and ABC during January and March respectfully.

FOX’s Stars in Danger: The High Dive will be a two hour special featuring the likes of Jersey Shore's JWoww, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sisters Kim and Kyle Richards, former NFL player Terrell Owens, and actor Antonio Sabato Jr.  ABC’s Celebrity Diving series will premier in March and will follow a similar format to their highly successful Dancing franchise and short lived Skating with the Stars. ABC has yet to reveal which “stars” will be heading to the springboard.

The real trend starting to emerge is how much Americans enjoy watching low grade celebrities in compromising situations.  So hungry are these people to keep their names in the press they will do seemingly anything to keep their notoriety.  People like me are more than happy to join them for the ride.  Perhaps we can look forward to other celebrity/Olympic event smashups in our future.  Rhythmic gymnastics anyone?  How about celebrity weight lifting?  Personally I’d love to see some dressage action in 2013.  Not sure what dressage is?  Just ask Stephen Colbert

Michael Corrigan