ZAP Wanderlust: An Insider's Guide to Paris from a Wannabe Parisian

Those who know me, know I love to travel. Near or far, rustic or glamorous, I’m always up for a new adventure and seeing a part of the world I haven’t before. So, when a good friend of mine proposed a last minute trip to Paris (literally the only time we both had free on our calendars) of course, I jumped at the opportunity. Everyone knows Paris as the “city of light” and famous for a number of sights from the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, and Notre Dame, to name a few. So, as opposed to boring you with what you already know, I thought I’d take the time in this blog to highlight a few hidden gems of the city:




Image via The Telegraph

Ile St. Louis: Everyone who travels to Paris knows about Ile de la Cite which is home to Notre Dame, the St. Chappelle, but did you know there is another island in the center of the city? Located just East of Notre Dame, take the small pedestrian bridge over to Ile St. Louis and find one the quaintest towns in the city. Eat at one of the many traditional French eateries and wander down the main street filled with local shops and galleries.



Image via Eat Play Live with Me

Restaurant Derriere: I’m a foodie and I can honestly say this was by far my one of my favorite dining experiences to date. The restaurant lies on edge of Paris’ Marais district and is a clandestine restaurant that is one of the hottest meals in town. Enter through a hidden doorway next to the 404 restaurant and Andy Wahloo that leads you into courtyard and from there into eccentric Derrière. The restaurant is every bit as eccentric as the name…it’s literally a house with a restaurant inside. Choose from the kitchen, to the living room (complete with a ping pong table) and even dining on a bed in the bedroom if you’d like!




Image via Merci

Merci: Tucked away off a main street in the Maris district you’ll find Merci, an adorable concept store with everything you could want under one roof. You’ll know you’re in the right spot from the Fiat in the driveway. Inside, the concept shop has everything from clothing, to housewares, to furniture – it even has an organic restaurant to give you fuel for your shopping J

To anyone planning a trip to the city of light, I hope you check these places out too. Bon Voyage!

-Morgan Bellock, Group Director