Zap Trends 2015: I Literally Woke Up Like This

Last year, I predicted that 2014 would be all about simplicity in fashion. We said “sayonara” to bold patterns and prints and welcomed neutral colors with a big play on silhouette and texture. For 2015, I predict that beauty trends will take a cue from fashionistas and sway to neutral and natural looks.

Brig Trend Blog 2015_1

The Face

Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe she just spent 30 minutes in front of the mirror to make it look like she’s born with it. Regardless, it’s all about the au naturel look in 2015. A bright, dewy, well-rested face with minimal makeup is the new day-to-day uniform, whereas bold lips and sultry eyes will be strictly for nighttime (unless you are a toddler in a tiara). Instead, play up your natural features with neutral contouring and add definition by vamping up your brows and lashes.

Brig Trend Blog 2015_2

The Nails

Perhaps the scariest trend of 2014 was the razor sharp, two inch long manicure a la Rihanna. Newsflash ladies! You aren’t Rihanna, so bid adieu to this beauty statement. In 2015, expect a scaled back almond or the barely square shape without the length or damaging effects of acrylics. Embrace your natural nail beds! Reds and pinks will always be stylish shades, but we’ll also see a large focus on naked nails (gasp!) or neutral nudes, grays and blushes. If you’re looking to add a little flair, opt for a muted metallic, sans glitter or gems.

Brig Trend Blog 2015_3

The Hair

See ya later ombre! Hello babylights! Perhaps the greatest way to give you a natural looking makeover is through a slight alteration in your hair color. **Cue the babylight** Babylights are natural looking highlights that bring back the sun-kissed color your hair held when you were younger and could spend your summer days at the pool, minus the Sun-In. This treatment brightens your hair giving it depth and dimension without looking over-processed or obvious.

The most beautiful way to kick off a New Year is being happy and healthy… but looking good doesn’t hurt either.

- Brigid Parr, Senior Publicist