ZAP Style Notes: Blohaute

With summer and festival season right around the corner (although our Chicago weather is deceiving at times), I’m needing all the help I can get with styling my curly hair. Amazingly, with the new app, Blohaute, I can have all of this done in the comfort of my own home! Some of my favorite hair trends for summer always include braids or an up-do to keep my mane in check when the weather turns humid. I’m a huge Instagram user, so browsing through the Blohaute page is one of the first places I check for a new how-to style. The best part is, if I can’t do one of the unique and intricate braids that Amanda showcases on her page, all I have to do is simply log in to the Blohaute app or visit the website online and book one of the stylists to come to my door step – as little as an hour before!

How amazing are these hairstyles below? All five are on my hair to-do list, especially this summer. I can already imagine all the great events these hair styles will be joining me on! To get one of these styles created in your hair, make sure to check out Blohaute for all kinds of awesome information and inspiration.


- Katie Neimiec, Assistant Publicist