ZAP Refresh: Spring Clean Your Mind and Body

Photo via  Yoga Medicine

Photo via Yoga Medicine

Spring is here and it’s a great time to shed extra baggage you may have been carrying around this winter. It’s time to lighten, unload and spring clean! It doesn’t have to be limited to clearing out your closet and getting rid of those jeans you haven’t worn in years. Spring cleaning can extend to many facets of your life, including your mind, body and skin. Here are some tips to add clarity and levity to your life.

Meditation or Yoga If you haven’t jumped on the meditation bandwagon yet, I’m sure you’ve heard its benefits from the likes of Dr. Oz, Oprah, and Deepak Chopra. I personally love meditating and think of it as giving your brain a break. Just like we relax our bodies and watch The Bachelor on the couch, our brains deserve some relaxation, too. Simply sitting and breathing for 5 minutes a day, letting the thoughts pass and finding stillness, can clear your brain so you can focus more efficiently on tasks at hand. Try if you are a beginner! They will walk you through free guided meditations and you can select how long you’d like to meditate.

If you have a high energy level and do not want to sit still to meditate, I also recommend yoga. It incorporates relaxing deep breathing with physical movement, so it has dual benefits. My friend is currently going through yoga teacher training and learned that certain yoga poses have chemical benefits, including improving digestion and releasing stress. Hit up a power yoga class if you are athletic, try vinyasa to flow and feel like you are dancing, or hatha for a slower, deeper stretch.

Eating Well We are what we eat, and while I do love a good piece (or three) of pizza, it is important to nurture our bodies with healthy food so we can feel better and work better. When attempting to start eating well, think of what nutritious foods you can add in rather than what you need to take away. Instead of thinking, “I can’t eat chips,” think “I can eat so many different types of fruits, vegetables and healthy fats like guacamole, hummus and trail mix.” Also, hydration is key to staying energized and feeling balanced, so add fruit infusions to your water to keep it fun and yummy. By focusing on produce and drinking more water, your body will feel lighter. Head to Fresh Thyme Farmers Market to try their organic and local produce.

Relaxing Beauty Treatments Another way to lighten your load and unwind is with a relaxing beauty treatment. Light a candle, put on your favorite music and indulge in a face mask or at-home mani pedi. Sephora at Block 37 has an amazing collection of face masks and other beauty treatments. If we allow time to treat ourselves, we will be happier with ourselves and then be able to treat others more kindly, too!

Anna Schapiro, Assistant Publicst