Social Media Spotlight: What’s New with Snapchat


If you consider yourself a Snapchat lover, you’re definitely going to be excited about some of the newest updates from the platform in the last few weeks! Snapchat’s a social platform that’s constantly evolving, and we love their latest integration of adding emojis into Snapchat videos. Now Android users (and iOS users in the coming weeks!) are able to add their favorite emojis to specific objects in their video content that will move, rotate and scale automatically with the object for the duration of the video. All you have to do is select a sticker (vs. via the emoji keyboard) and add as many emojis as your heart desires to your video snap. It’s definitely a cool feature, and we’re already plotting to replace our co-workers faces with bunny emojis ;)

Snapchat has also recently updated their Chat feature last month, adding stickers, audio and videos to their chat functionality, making it similar in many respects to Facebook’s own messaging app. The more robust update is giving Snapchat an edge to Facebook’s messaging app since Snapchat continues to be popular with younger audiences between the ages of 13-24 who are most frequently messaging their friends through social media. Plus, who doesn’t love receiving a unicorn sticker when your best friend says hello?

We’ll continue to keep you updated on platform updates as they continue to roll out. If you have any questions on any social updates (or special blog post requests!) feel free to let us know!

Maya McDonald, Senior Social Media Manager