ZAP Decor: I Like the Way You Move

There are two words every Chicagoan dreads with a passion: Moving Season. And while August and September are filled with al fresco dining, boat days, vitamin D exposure and copious amounts of rosé, it also typically means a move is looming just around the corner. Two weekends ago, it was my turn for the dreaded move. Eight bags of donated clothes to the Goodwill and one very chipped manicure later, I was settled in my new apartment and ready for the real fun and my personal dream come true to begin… time to decorate!

With seven moves in the last eight years under my belt, I pretty much have the whole “making a house a home” thing down to a science. As much as we’d all like our spaces to look like the pages of ELLE Décor, I’ve learned a mix of high- and low-end design (mostly low-end in my case) with a touch of personality and pizzazz can completely transform a blank canvas into cozy, chic space that's all your own. Here are my three tips/tools:

Neutral Necessities

For those certain splurges that will hopefully last a decade (or two!), stick with a neutral shape and color palette. Grays, navys, whites and tans are classic colors that look fresh and clean and won’t have you rethinking that fuchsia headboard after six months.


ZB_5.7.152 Image courtesy of Room & Board


In order to truly make a space feel fun and one-of-a-kind, it’s all about the Pop Of Color and Pop Of Pattern. The easiest way to go a little crazy with colors and patterns is through your accessories. Rugs, pillows and accent chairs can be far less expensive than larger purchases, such as sofas, and you won’t feel buyer’s remorse with a purchase that’s a bit outside of your interior design comfort zone.

Image courtesy of Room & Board

Unconventional Wall Art

Another easy way to make your space more personal and homey is through wall art. Purchase a variety of shapes and sizes of frames and create a wall gallery with your favorite photos of friends, family or travels. One of my personal favorite DIY projects was hanging $20 metallic bowls from IKEA above my dresser to create a 3D work of art.

Image courtesy of IKEA

- Brigid Parr, Senior Publicist