ZAP Bites: When In Rome...

Chicago has deep dish pizza. Kansas City has BBQ.

Baltimore has crabs.

As they say, When in Rome…

I love to eat like a local.  So, when I returned home, I did just that. It had been about eight years since I visited my hometown on Long Island.  When I returned, I made sure visit to some of my favorite haunts were on the itinerary.


Image via Little Vincent's Pizzeria

First stop was Little Vincent’s Pizzeria.  With all respect to my good friend Marc Malnatti, I am partial to New York thin slice. Nothing beats Little Vincent’s thin slice pizza in Ronkonkoma, and speaking of Ronkonkoma... if you want some good Long Island history, you should take a minute to read up on the Indian Princess here.

Now, back to food.



Our second stop was The Good Steer.  As a child, this was my family restaurant.  It’s been open since 1956 and simply hasn’t changed much = the fried onion rings are still the best!

Third stop was Lake Village Deli. Long Islanders are strangely obsessed with their deli egg sandwiches.  If you haven’t had one, you don’t know what you are missing.  Words can not begin to do it justice. In fact, my friend John Delaney wrote a blog about egg sandwiches on Edible Long Island. It went viral.  After reading it, you’ll know why my third stop was to Lake Village Deli in Saint James.


My final stop was to Friendly’s for the Long Island summer sensation Wattamellon Roll. This delicacy is refreshing watermelon and lemon sherbet with rich chocolate chips made to look like a watermelon. #NomNom

That’s how we Long Islanders “Wattamellon” roll!

-David Zapata, President