ZAP Bites: National Paczki Day

2015-02-17 14.33.06

Happy National Paczki Day!

While Mardi Gras might be the center of attention down in New Orleans, another – yummy – tradition is starting to make its mark. For some, Fat Tuesday is welcomed with a Paczki in each hand. Paczki are Polish pastries that are deep-fried flat dough with fruit or cream fillings and usually topped with powdered sugar, icing, or bits of dried orange zest. In Polish, Paczki is translated as “donut”.

During this special day, hundreds of bakeries will sell out of these delectable jelly-filled pastries as thousands of people line up around the blocks to get their hands on one.

Go ahead, indulge in one Paczki….or twenty before Lent. You deserve it!

- Huong Luu-Spais