ZAP Bites - Nate 'n Al's

ZB_10.9.14 As many of you know, Zapwater recently opened a Los Angeles office. I’ve been traveling to Los Angeles for several years, and no visit is complete without a trip to my favorite Jewish deli – Nate ‘n Al’s.


I often have an argument with my friend Iggy as to what is the best Jewish deli is in Los Angeles. He mistakenly thinks its Langers.

Nate ‘n Al’s has been a veritable institution in Beverly Hills ever since it first opened in 1945. The deli was founded by Al Mendelson and Nate Reimer, who originally met while working at Boesky’s Deli in Chicago. They eventually decided to open their very own deli-style restaurant a few years later and landed in the 90210. At the time of its founding, the restaurant was Beverly Hills’ sole delicatessen and could only seat 30. It became such an immediate success, though, that it was later expanded to its current, larger size.


Nate retired just a few years after the restaurant’s opening, but Al stayed on to helm the place and it is his grandchildren who are running the restaurant today.


Each year Nate ‘n Al’s serves up 130,000 matzo balls, 16,000 gallons of chicken noodle soup, and 80,000 pounds of corned beef!


Because of its fabulous food and laid-back attitude, Nate ‘n Al’s has long been a celebrity magnet. On our last visit, we sat next to Jon Voight. Larry King eats breakfast there every morning. There's even a scene from one of my favorite episodes of Entourage filmed there!


But when I go to Nate n’ Al’s, I have a routine. I start with Matzo Ball soup. Then I get a Hot Pastrami on Rye. They also place a plate of the best pickles on every table. Next time you're in LA, make sure you stop by. The food is to die for.

- David Zapata, President