We’re back on the Top Chef track. However, this episode was quite boring – the most exciting part was when Keith bought pre-cooked shrimp. It was only the third episode and we know it’s still early, but we haven’t been too impressed.

Quickfire: the 16 chef’s must cook up some rattle snake, a very traditional component of Texas cooking, Padma means business and tells the chefs she’d, “better see some mother –ing snakes on some mother –ing plates.” We saw many dish variations, but the first win went to Dakota for her beer-battered snake. The win grants her immunity in the elimination challenge and $5,000.

The chefs then drew knives and were split into two teams: Pink and Green. The teams catered Blanca Flores’ Quinceanera in the elimination challenge where elegant Mexican cuisine was expected, along with a cake. We saw all sorts of mishaps in this challenge. Keith used flour tortillas for his enchiladas, which really seemed more like a burrito. He also bought pre-cooked shrimp during the shopping trip and blamed his mistake on others for not telling him different.

We thought we saw a light in Dakota after nabbing the first Quickfire win, but that soon fizzled when she made a horrendous boxed cake. We are honestly surprised some chef’s even got food out at all.

In the end, Keith was voted off and the judges didn’t seem impressed by any of the chef’s dishes or talent. Let’s hope the season picks up and the use of store-bought products stop.

Stephanie Reay and Annie Block