Breaking Dawn? Yawn, who really cares? Why settle for teenage vampire brooding that is neither scary nor exciting when we can focus on more important things. Sure there is plenty of eye candy in the uber-popular Twilight movies but not much else. Let’s be honest there are much,much, much better teen novels turned blockbusters on the horizon. For those of us living under a rock I am referring to the March 23rd debut of the Hunger Games. For "The Hunger Games" uninitiated, Suzanne Collins' bestselling novel depicts a future in which an opulent Capitol rules the planet and the majority of districts are impoverished nations that must serve the central government.

As a reminder of a previous uprising against the Capitol, an annual "Hunger Game" contest is put into place in which two youths between ages 12 and 17 from each of the 12 districts are forced to compete in a brutal fight to the death. As the trailer says, only one comes out.

The trailer was just released today and suggests that the movie adaptation looks pretty spot on. Yes there is eye candy but unlike Twilight also carries with it gripping action, suspense, and characters you actually care about. I haven’t been this excited since they announced our favorite scar bearing sorcerer would be gracing the silver screen. Team Hunger Games all the way!

By the way, my office co-worker Mary has declared she won’t even give the film a shot. I have t-minus 4 months to make her a fan. Stay tuned!

Michael Corrigan Publicist