It seems to me that we have grown in an age with complete ubiquity of the bag, never stopping to question its use and therefore we are removed from the idea of its necessity. Try going one day without your purse, messenger bag or backpack. Personally I would feel incomplete! My shoulder would not know what to do! At times when I open my closet I feel overwhelmed, I find myself asking questions like, “Will this bag work for me today, when did I buy this, and did I really think I could pull this off?”

Your bag also says a lot about you, so whether you are an addicted fashionista that craves the trendiest products on the market or if you are a busy mom on the run, remember that your bag is as much a part of your daily life as your shoes are, treat it accordingly.

Maddie Powers has done an incredible job of combining fashion with function. Maddie Powers began with the original BookPurse a few years ago and has since expanded to include metal wallets, stadium bags, fashionable and functional MUST HAVE laptop bags and more. The Maddie Powers’ collection showcases the covers of original pulp magazines and novels from the 1940s and 1950s. How unique is that? The two hip new lines of laptop bags are targeted to the younger and the more fashion conscious crowd and will be available nationwide later this summer. The new women’s line, CuteBug, offers several fun and sassy styles of laptop carriers that blend yesterday’s vintage Hollywood starlets with today’s needs. The men’s line, Dig, offers an array of bags each with a sports pulp icon image on the outside of the bag as well as the actual vintage magazine cover on the inside lining.

Look out Gucci, Juicy and Louis Vuitton, Maddie Powers is on the prowl!

Elizabeth Kujawa