Last Thursday, Zapwater clients Empire Liquors, Estate Property Group and K. Amato combined efforts with Phil Stefani Catering, Mudd Fleur Flowers, New Zealand Wine, and Shiner Beer (and a few other helpful hands) to host A Haute Affair. I had the opportunity of witnessing the “before and after” of the evening. Entering the empty loft in the West Loop, I was amazed by the immensity of the space, intrigued by its simplicity, and now can admit, a little nervous about how this 1906 timber loft was going to be transformed to hold the “artistic evening of stylish entertainment” we promised!

After a couple months of planning and many hours of sweeping, swiffering, and sweating, day by day and hour by hour the incredible space was transforming before our eyes. A photo exhibition of six historical Gold Coast buildings represented by Estate Property Group spanned the back exposed brick wall. A mini stage was set in the center of the space, with models showcasing Kristen Amato's new COUTURE by K.Amato jewelry line of gold hammered links, chains and tassels. Matt Roan’s DJ booth housed the front of the space while two bars occupied the front and back of the room, and beautiful floors Phil Stefani hors d’oeuvres rested on black and white tables throughout the room.

It was neat to observe and be involved in the many, many aspects of the planning and finally see the evening come to fruition. So 400 people and 4000 square feet later, I must say the evening truly was worthy of its title!

Click HERE to view photos from A Haute Affair.

Natalie Cowel
Assistant Publicist