One of Zapwater's newest clients is Boise, Inc. As an industry leader in recycled papers. Boise's Jackson (AL) Mill has delivered high quality recycled products for more than a decade and processes more than 300 tons per day of post-consumer recovered paper.

Recently, Zapwater is helped coordinate Boise’s first Recycled Summit in Denver, Colorado, where Boise will speak to its commitment to sustainability for preserving and protecting our natural resources for ourselves and for future generations.

The summit addressed, through guest speakers and panel discussions, the
impact the paper industry has on the environment, as well as the issues of
recycling and sustainability in the papermaking process.

Alexander Toeldte, CEO of Boise, Inc. welcomed attendees and opened the Summit with remarks.

"Boise has an ever sharper focus on customer needs and sustainable business practices."

Guest speakers included environmental experts and professionals,academics and specialists in the forest management fields.

While the terms "green" and paper companies may not seem synonymous, the leaders in the industry have taken great steps to make their production processes more environmentally friendly.

Natalie Cowel