I was recently given the opportunity to travel to New York City with Zapwater client and incredibly talented photographer Andy Biggs for deskside appointments. While most of our time was spent darting from meeting to meeting, we did manage to break away for a bit and visit the museum at the International Center of Photography. On my previous visits to New York, I’d visited the Met and the MoMA, but the ICP museum was unfamiliar territory. Thankfully, I had a pro to show me the ropes! My favorite exhibit at the museum was ‘Weegee: Murder Is My Business,’ a gallery of photographs by Weegee, a press photographer during the 1930s and '40s. He worked mainly as a freelance photographer who documented the activity of New York’s police and fire departments, capturing graphic, grotesque, yet surprisingly captivating photos of crime scenes as well as photos of urban life in NYC. I was fascinated not only by his photographic techniques but also his relentlessness in the images he took … including horrific murder scenes.

I would definitely recommend anyone visiting New York to take a trip to the ICP museum and check out some of the exhibits. The museum offers a wonderful look into the world of photography with exclusive images you won’t find anywhere else!

The man behind the camera:

The scene at a New York City fire:

A hot summer day: