I’m what you might call a movie nerd. Growing up, weekends were reserved for movie dates with my parents and brother. Whether it was the latest Bruce Willis feature (I had what one might call an obsession as a child) or a Disney classic, I tremendously looked forward to the weekend when we would carefully select what film to see. Fascinated by the construction, time, thought and effort that go into creating a film, I eventually became part of the “Movie & TV” team for my college’s weekly entertainment magazine, The Buzz. This job allowed me to watch films, meet some of the greats, like Roger Ebert, and attend film festivals (for free!). As a yearly tradition, I like to create my “must-see” list for the year. I figured what better way to kick-off the summer than to share my year’s remaining list with you. Just a few notes, I always want to see anything with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, gangsters (of the 1920s variety), classic novel or comic book plots, period pieces, and as of lately Sweeds.

In no particular order:

1. Snow White and the Huntsman – “Grown up” fairy tales have been making a splash for a few years now. But Charlize looks seriously wicked as the evil queen, and I can’t wait. 2. Prometheus – Ridley Scott directed and it involves…aliens. Nerd moment. But really, have you seen the trailer? 3. Brave –This looks adorable and somewhat inspiring. Also, the main character has some fantastic long red hair. 4. Take this Waltz – A dramatic Michelle Williams film. Aren’t they always awesome? 5. The Dark Knight Rises – Chills.

6. The Amazing Spider-Man– One of my favorite cartoons growing up. Plus, I’m super excited they are showcasing Gwen Stacy. I hope all comic nerds are wondering if this will end the same way as the books. 7. Easy Money– A hit Sweedish film now showing in America; starring the excellent and talented Joel Kinnaman. 8. Lawless– The cast is intriguing, and I am a huge fan of John Hillcoat’s The Road. 9. Gangster Squad  – I seriously love the 1920s. That’s all. 10. Resident Evil: Retribution– I’m not embarrassed to say I love these films. 11. Looper– Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis. Yes. 12. Anna Karenina– Russian period piece based on a novel and an affair – I’ll be there. 13. This is 40– The “sort-of” sequel to Knocked Up. Katherine Heigl isn’t in it, so yeah, that’s a definite plus. 14. The Great Gatsby– Baz better do this book right. The all-star cast has some serious potential. This will be one of everyone’s definite must sees.

Stephanie Poquette