When fashion trends are concerned, men typically don’t worry about trends shaking up their every day wardrobes. Male trends and styles do not change as often when compared to women’s fashion trends. But this may soon change as we know it.

Fashion Week in Milan presented lots of new and unusual men’s fashion trends that some may view a little too much to digest. Gone were what everybody expected to see including lots of men’s suits, shirts with little change in cuts.

The year 2010 was a huge year for leggings. Everywhere one looked it seemed women had decided to opt for leggings over pants. The time has come to brace yourself for MEGGINGS! Sound strange?? These were among the Spring 2011 men’s fashion trends as presented by Emporio Armani Spring 2011 runway. Get ready to see men walking on street in this hybrid version of jeans and leggings. Will this be something I sport around the Zapwater office? Stay tuned and find out!

Michael Corrigan Publicist