“Vegheads”: An enduring term created by meat-lovers for one who does not consume meat. Synonymous with “Bambi-lover,” “Grazer,” “Plant Killer,” and “.”

Being a vegetarian myself, my personal favorite identification is, “Yea, she’s a Veggie.” To which I reply, “Why yes, I am a carrot.” While other fifth graders looked longingly at their McDonald’s Cheeseburger Happy Meal with accompanying toy racecar, I was eating a bag of carrots and mustard and cheese sandwiches. Well, I still do that. But, as epidemics sweep the nation—Twilight, ugly leggings, and an obsession with teen pregnancy shows—the vegetarian lifestyle has started to become one.

It wasn’t too long ago that people would look at you funny for passing on the Thanksgiving turkey, but now celebrities and everyday people are rapidly endorsing the eating lifestyle. In the past few years alone, Chicago has opened several Vegetarian-only restaurants, or they have been newly discovered, and major food establishments around the world are catering their menus to be Veghead friendly. Delicious treats like sweet potato fries, black bean burgers, and eggplant lasagna also give meat-lovers something to enjoy.

I can’t wait to see what the restaurant world develops in 2011, and what celebrity will be next in announcing their switch to a vegetarian lifestyle—always making it seem like they were the very first person to do so. Clients like Park Grill, RA Sushi, and Blue Plate Catering are sure to continue adapting. Unfortunately restaurants that don’t offer veg-friendly options will miss out on a large demographic within the upcoming year.

While we watch as the army of Vegheads expands in 2011, let’s enjoy some sexy vegetarian in the meantime.

Stephanie Poquette Asst. Publicist