52-chicago-beach-summer I've never been a summer person. I know... it's weird. You know how some people dream of white sand beaches and margaritas as their paradise? My paradise looks more like a snowy Central Park with hot chocolate. People tend to have a hard time accepting that I'm not a summer person. I remember a distinct moment in my elementary school career, while learning the months and seasons, the teacher asked us to share our favorite season. At this time I was young and innocent and didn't realize I would be alone in my love for winter. But when I announced gleefully to the class that I loved snow and the season of winter, I was surrounded by faces looking at me like I had just screamed, "I HATE PUPPIES!" I sometimes get those same faces today when I tell people I don't like Chipotle.

With this said, I am happy to share that I am genuinely excited for this summer. I have a good, gut-feeling that this summer may be one of the best yet. I'm not sure where the sudden love and appreciation is coming from but I am holding onto it for dear life and am determined to soak up all this summer has to offer!

Here are a few things I'm looking forward to in the upcoming months:

1. Legends of the Summer Tour with Justin Timberlake and Jay Z The pairing of these two men is genius. I'm also super excited that the concert will be taking place at Solider Field. A warm, July night with friends at Solider Field is the epitome of a good summer memory in the making.

2. Lakefront Biking Anyone who knows me just laughed to themselves because I've sworn to take up biking on the lakefront as a daily activity for the past three summers. But THIS. IS. THE. YEAR. The first year that I decided this would be my new hobby I never got around to buying a bike ( this is an essential first step I later found out). The second year my bike was stolen two days after I bought it ( good excuse to last the rest of the summer). Then last summer I did buy another bike, just never got around to using it. But my optimism is high and this is the year! Hello lakefront path, breeze and skyline views!

3. Books I've been quite the bookworm since I first got my hands on The Babysitters Club series circa 1997. The past four years my love for books was on hold since I was busy with school, internships, part-time jobs and other extra curriculars. One of the best parts of being done with college is having a chance to read leisurely again. I've already started browsing through my neighborhood's used book store and piling my apartment with summer night reads.

4. Dining like a Chicagoan Chicago is one of the best cities for food. Since I was first introduced to the city as a college student, I don't think I've been able to give the city and its restaurant scene the attention it deserves. This summer I want to try all the fabulous places I'm constantly hearing about and learn more about restaurants and quality food. ( I still love you, Taco Bell.)

5. Dabble in Something New I'm a big believer in education and always pursuing new interests and ideas. I hope to spend this summer exploring something new. I would love to try out and take a class in something different and exciting!

I hope that everyone enjoys their summer and gets to experience the things they already love, plus a few new interests as well!

Megan Breehl Assistant Publicist