Celebrities-In-Henry-Belle I feel at some point every young girl (and some young boys) have said “I want to work in Fashion PR”. It is such a loaded term. What does it really mean? We are fooled by preconceived stereotypes like the fabulous Samantha Jones from Sex and City that Fashion PR is all celebrity parties, designer clothes and pink cosmopolitans. I have been guilty of adding to this stereotype since I was 10 years old. I remember I would walk around our house in a nice pair of my mom’s heels, a feather boa and announce myself as Alexis Faye “Publicist to the Stars” (totally normal behavior for a ten year old).

That being said I was very excited when Zapwater Communications chose me to be a part of their team. Their portfolio already full with some amazing fashion brands including the launch of TopShop/TopMan in Chicago. I was even more excited when Zapwater began working with Henry & Belle a premium women’s brand based here in Chicago.

Not knowing what to expect I was quick to learn that Fashion PR is not all the glitz and glam it appears to be—not to mention it is some of the hardest work I have encountered at Zapwater. Every day there are new shipments to be sent for potential pulls in national magazines. Media alerts are written around the clock to spread the word on trunk shows and events with brand that span a nation. Websites are monitored for potential press. Events are planned. Samples are organized and reorganized as they go in and out of the office. Our team works hard to connect with celebrity stylist and major fashion editors in hopes to get their attention… and this is just the beginning.

The Zapwater Henry & Belle team is amazing. I am in constant shock during our team meetings at how they are always two steps ahead of the game. Their ideas are fresh and ever evolving and I cannot help but smile knowing that I get to come to work with some of the hardest working, creative people in the industry. I have learned more in these few short months then I have in the past 4 years.

I am excited to see the amazing things Zapwater will be doing with Henry & Belle as we move forward in the future. And though I may spend by days back and forth from UPS while typing the hundreds of tiny style numbers on in excel no one says I can’t be sipping a pink cosmo on the side!

Alexis Lucente Intern