Some people seem to think that being in PR is only about going to parties (who are these people and do they live under a rock!) but it’s actually a lot of hard work that goes into planning, executing and pitching events for clients, even as an intern. Some tasks for an intern helping with an event include managing large guest lists, checking in guests or following a photographer and captioning photos. After 5 internships I became accustomed to working at events and never seeing the other side of what working publicists do at events (talking to media, networking and building relationships, making sure things are moving smoothly).  I was lucky enough over the past few weeks to not only help plan and attend a few of Zapwater’s amazing events for some lifestyle and hospitality clients, but also enjoy myself and see up close what working publicists do.

 Haberdash Look book Event

Ok, I actually had to work the door at this one. However, the event was definitely a sight. Showcasing Chicago’s hottest chefs and restaurateurs, Haberdash and Haberdash EDC hosted a bash in both stores for their new look book. While checking in guests, I got to meet and mingle with a few members of the Chicago media as they entered the event. I was very happy to be a part of this event. It proved to be tremendously successful and truly one of a kind.

 Sebastien Grey Summer Fashion Show at The Underground

I have worked mostly with lifestyle clients throughout my career as an intern. Although I have worked several fashion events, I had yet to see a client’s fashion show. At the Sebastien Grey event at the underground, my dream of being front and center for a client’s fashion show came true. Sebastien Grey showcased their suits on a runway perched in the middle of underground. The show was followed by high-energy hip hop dancers (also dressed in suits) with blaring music and sharp dance moves.

 Although being an intern requires hard work on a daily basis, it is nice to know that sometimes you get to see the fruits of your labor and actually enjoy them!

Camille Smith